Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Follow your drive in the Emergency Medicine Fellowship

The Northwell Health Advanced Clinical Provider (ACP) Fellowship in Emergency Medicine is an intensive and immersive post-graduate program for Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who desire a career in emergency medicine. The fellowship will provide a solid foundation of medical knowledge and technical skills necessary to care for this unique population of patients. Fellows will be immersed in a mentored program where they will acquire a variety of clinical and procedural experiences that will prepare them to successfully practice in the challenging and rewarding field of emergency medicine.  

Program goals for Fellows:

Goal 1: Deliver high quality, evidence-based emergency medical care in a variety of clinical settings.

Goal 2: Assess, diagnose, and manage episodic illnesses, injuries, and other acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses that present on a continuum from non-urgent to emergent.

Goal 3: Engage in patient prioritization, medical decision making, development of differential diagnosis, patient management, monitoring and on-going evaluating, consultation, coordination of care and disposition.

Goal 4: Order and interpret diagnostic studies

Goal 5: Safely prescribe both pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies

Goal 6: Educate patients and their families with regard to their illness, health and wellness, injury and disease prevention

Goal 7: Work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary health care environment

Goal 8: Advocate for patients, strive for safety in their environment of care, and deliver culturally competent care

Goal 9: Continuously engage in personal and professional development and strive to mentor others in their development

Goal 10: Seek Board Certification by their respective professional society


The fellows will participate in a centralized Fellowship curriculum that features an initial 2 week orientation to Northwell Health, followed by monthly core fellowship sessions.  Didactic curriculum will be delivered in parallel with our Emergency Medicine residents on a weekly basis over the course of 12 months. Additionally, there will be dedicated days for skills acquisition, simulation, Fellowship Conference/presentations, oral board practice, etc… Clinically, our fellows will rotate through a multitude of sub-specialties such as:

Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Surgery/Trauma, MICU, Orthopedics, Radiology, & MORE!

Our curriculum aligns with the Scope and Standards published by AAENP, SEMPA, and ENA.