Hospital Medicine

Become part of the core of inpatient management.

Hospital Medicine emerged in the mid-1990s as a movement by Hospitals and Physicians to address the quality of care measures and length of stay issues that Hospitals and providers faced.  Over the past 20 plus years, Hospital Medicine has developed into a recognized medical specialty that has increasingly utilized NPs and PAs in the delivery of care.

The Northwell Health Advanced Clinical Provider (ACP) Fellowship in Hospital Medicine is a post-graduate program for Adult Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) who desire a career in Hospital Medicine.  The fellowship will provide a solid foundation of medical knowledge and patient navigation skills necessary to care for adult Hospital Medicine patients. Fellows will complete a mentored, precepted program where they will acquire a variety of clinical experiences that will prepare them to successfully practice as a Hospital Medicine ACP.

The program was developed to conform to the core competencies published by the Society of Hospital Medicine and designed to prepare the ACP to successfully navigate and manage the vast array of complexities that exist in the management of hospitalized adult patients.

Program goals for Fellows:

Goal 1: Deliver high quality, evidence-based medical care to adult medicine inpatients.

Goal 2: Assess, diagnose, and manage episodic illnesses, injuries, and other acute exacerbations of chronic illnesses that present on a continuum from non-urgent to emergent.

Goal 3: Engage in the admission process, patient prioritization, medical decision making, development of differential diagnosis, patient management, monitoring and on-going evaluation, consultation, coordination of care and planning for safe discharge.

Goal 4: Order and interpret diagnostic and imaging studies; and incorporate findings into a management plan for the patient.

Goal 5: Function effectively as a member of a Rapid Response Team and manage emergent events such as Stroke, Acute MI, Falls and Respiratory Issues.

Goal 6: Safely prescribe both pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapies

Goal 7: Practice in a multi-disciplinary health care environment in collaboration with other disciplines (Physical Therapy, Social Work, Occupational Therapy); and properly coordinate post-discharge care (DME, home infusion, SNF admission, and inter-facility transfers)

Goal 8: Advocate for patients and facilitate goals of care discussions, properly order and execute advance directives pursuant to New York State scope of practice laws.


The curriculum incorporates didactic learning as well as precepted, hands-on patient management that follows patients from admission to discharge.  Rotations through Emergency Medicine and ICU are included to enhance exposure to clinical presentations and management techniques.  Bioskills laboratory sessions and Patient Simulation scenarios at Northwell’s Center for Learning and Innovation will also be utilized to further enhance the learner's experience.