Primary Care

The Northwell Health Advanced Clinical Provider Fellowship in Primary Care is an intensive one-year program designed to provide a seamless transition from novice to proficient, for ACPs who desire a career in primary care. The foundation is based in scaffold learning, which supports ACPs to function to the full extent of their licensure. The program integrates advanced didactic instruction with direct patient clinical experiences across the continuum of healthcare settings, to increase clinical acumen and improve patient outcomes. Graduates will be well-prepared to practice with a focus on safe, quality, inter-professional, patient-centered care.

Goals of the Primary Care specialty track include:

Role transition

  1. Patient education, patient advocacy, deliver culturally competent care
  2. Professional development
  3. Enhanced clinical acumen and assessment skills
  4. Complex provision of care; diagnosis and management of acute and chronic illness
  5. Patient safety
  6. Increase Quality of care by prioritization
  7. Improve patient outcomes by increasing relationship development and engaging in primary prevention strategies
  8. Improve patient outcomes by promoting health and wellness.
  9. Reduce cost and increase efficiency by providing early access to care
  10. Decrease care fragmentation and repetition
  11. Interprofessional relationships and communication and coordination of care
  12. Order and interpret diagnostic studies
  13. Promote continuing education

 Fellows will rotate through the following ambulatory specialties:

  1. Pulmonary
  2. Cardiology
  3. Rheumatology
  4. Gastroenterology
  5. Hematology-oncology
  6. Radiology
  7. Orthopedics
  8. Endocrinology